Sparkling / Coca Cola water bottle / elite&desall

      New Coca Cola water bottle available in Autogrill Stores. Industrial development by Elite srl. A coherent design that starts from circular lines and transforms them into functional and not just aesthetic… Continue reading

Carnivals / vegetable silk&wool carpets / sitap

Colorful confetti become charming and disguised female figures.

Iceberg / ice cream box / domogel

Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli. A design that recalls the shapes of the ice to immediately communicate the function of the box. HERE THE STORY BEHIND: We wanted to draw a thermal box… Continue reading




poster design

goodbye genius!

MILANO FAMILY / vegetable silk carpets / sitap

Et De Milan, Pirellone, Velasca. Three carpets to pay homage to my city.      

Metropolitan / vegetable silk carpet / sitap

When the Milan metro map becomes a carpet: 5 colors for 5 lines.    

new bij design project /seiko epson

Together again at work…Project  covered by non-disclosure agreement.

rock star moka boiler /Tognana Porcellane

Induction coffee maker boiler design. A shape that goes from a polygon to a circle.  

Gorgonzola stellina rebrand

New brand identity and packaging design for Gorgonzola Stellina. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

Gorgonzola Gelmini rebrand

New brand identity and packaging design for the whole range of Caseificio Gelmini Gorgonzola. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

poster design

RICCIOL@ headphone/ Tucano Advanced design workshop

Rolling wireless headphone based on slap band technology.

FIAT500 BAGS / concept

Bags inspired by  new Fiat 500.

AYO POS / Spetstorg’

POS materials and tools  for AYO cookwares. A concept characterized by an emotional drawing based on a rational graphic rule: different compositions to use on the different kind of POS materials: both coloured… Continue reading

AYO PACKAGING / Spetstorg’

New packaging design for AYO cookwares: a friendly and bright wrapping paper to give products more visibility on supermarket shelf. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

METRICA / Greenwitch

A ruler-pen holder with two indices, cm and inches. product and packaging design.

MELAGUSTO / latrentina

Melagusto is a simple wooden cone on which you can pierce an apple: a funny way to introduce children fruits.