Macine / protothype / 2016

Salt&Pepper shredder: different stones for different spices. Cylindrical head and poligonal body to obtain a perfect grip.


Et De Milan, Pirellone, Velasca. 100% vegetable silk carpets made by Sitap Italian Fashion Carpets Dimensions: 170X240 or 200X300

Metropolitan / sitap tappeti / 2016

Metropolitan red, gold and green. 100% vegetable silk carpet made by Sitap Italian Fashion Carpets Dimensions: 170X240 or 200X300


Gorgonzola stellina / 2015

New brand identity and packaging design for Gorgonzola Stellina. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

new bij design project /epson / 2015

Together again at work…Project  covered by non-disclosure agreement.

Gorgonzola Cinquestelle / Gelmini / 2015

New brand identity and packaging design for Gorgonzola CinqueStelle. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

rock star moka boiler /Tognana Porcellane /2015

Coffee maker boiler design presented at HOMI 2015.

MiEssa packaging / Spetstorg’ /2014

New packaging design for MiEssa cookwares. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.



Bags inspired by  new Fiat 500.

RICCIOL@ bracelet / Tucano advanced design workshop / 2014

Silicone bracelet-Iphone stand based on slap band technology.

RICCIOL@ headphone/ Tucano Advanced design workshop / 2014

Rolling wireless headphone based on slap band technology.

AYO POS / Spetstorg’ / 2014

POS materials and tools  for AYO cookwares. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.


AYO PACKAGING / Spetstorg’ / 2013

New packaging design for AYO cookwares: a friendly and bright wrapping paper to give products more visibility on supermarket shelf. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

METRICA PACKAGING / greenwitch /2013

COHABIT / protothype / 2013

Wooden shelf for books and  e-readers.

METRICA / Greenwitch / 2013

A ruler-pen holder with two indices, cm and inches

MELAGUSTO / latrentina / 2013

Melagusto is a simple wooden cone on which you can pierce an apple: a funny way to introduce children fruits.


  position: freelance product designer and photoshop visualizer.

start teaching @ arte&messaggio


Il buon packaging / comieco+iuav /2012

Book about paper recycled packaging written with Laura Badalucco. PDFdowload

HOT-SOFT STONES / Il Coccio / 2012

Ceramic humidifiers, essences diffusers and door stops inspired by pebbles.


FOGLIO / Castelli / 2012

A meeting table to take notes, to sketch and to express your ideas.

RMIRROR / RSens / 2012

Domestic Radon detector.

NASTRO / Gedy / 2011

Wall fitting bathroom set. Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

acqua di milano/ ri-design milano/2011

Pubblic water bottle with the shape of typical pubblic fountains in Milan. A QR code on the back label allows users to find public fountains all around the city and to refill freely… Continue reading

HUMIDIFIERS / Il Coccio / 2011

Ceramic humidifiers.


Solar powered wristwatch based on kyosemi spheral solar cells


Children with diabetes should be encouraged to be active as physical activities help in weight control and promote healthy growth and development. MyO yoyo glucometer concept has been designed to be children with… Continue reading


DOGGLE / United pets / 2011

Toy for pets.

atmosfera italiana / nastro azzurro / 2011

A recycled beer bottle humidifier to create a perfect Italian atmosphere. Designed with Francesca Delvigo

ICEBERG / Gedy / 2010

Bathroom accessories set. designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

FEEDING THE PLANET BAG / Comieco-Expo 2015 / 2011

Paper bag that turns into a sort of gadgets depicting a world that opens to eat what we put inside it.



COMPACT DISH / Food design6 / 2010

A reducible (cd size) and disposable tasting kit made of paper.

LAVAZZA PARADISO / Lavazza / 2009

Promotional gadgets inspired by Heaven. Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

TIMELESS GARDEN / protothype / 2009

 Ecological mud-powered clock . Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli  

PX700W and PX80FW / Seiko Epson / 2008

New all-in-one printers for Epson. Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Epson Design Center Japan.

DUMB BELL / Procter&Gamble / 2008

A simple but incisive shape to increase visibility on supermarket shelf. The empty bottle can be filled with water or sand and turned into a tool for fitness. Designed with Francesca Delvigo

FIOR DI GRANA / Food design 4 / 2007

A cheese pencil to sharpen on our dishes little pieces of Grana.

FRED&WILMA / Archimuse / 2004

Coffee table/tables presented during Salone del Mobile 2004.

MADELIO / Food design Guzzini / 2004

Precious pendant for italian precious oils and vinegards: a way to take always with you your favourite dressings. Designed with Gianni Pasini. Photos by Francesca Delvigo.