I COLONIALI / Atkinsons-Aiap / 2011

coloniali_copertinaPackaging design for  the new line “I Coloniali Atkinsos”. I have worked on the shape and materials of the cap to express an oriental feeling. Bottles and jars are characterized by the same curves. All these elements help me to create a bigger family feeling.
Graphic design by Raffaele Mirarchi

NASTRO / Gedy / 2011


A linear, long, narrow, straight and meandering element used to connect, without screws,  all parts of this wall fitting set.
Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli


HUMIDIFIERS / Il Coccio / 2011

coccio_copertinaWhat is the shape of water? The tube is the element of inspiration for this series of ceramic humidifiers, a geometric shape that allowed me to “draw” the water and to play with full and empty spaces.


DOGGLE / United pets / 2011


Doggle is essentially a rubber bottle shape with a rope attached, following what I’ve found to be a truism with dog-toy design: simpler is always better.Doggle (dog+bottle) is a toy ideal for open spaces to run and report , for tossing, fetching or chewing produced by Italian brand United Pets.


ICEBERG / Gedy / 2010


Shapes realized by water, lights and shadows tipical of an ice cube. Iceberg is a bathroom accessories set made of plastic resin with a squared shape but rounded corners.  Thanks to its internal finish the object looks translucent and airylike an iced monolith.
designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli


FEEDING THE PLANET BAG / Comieco-Expo 2015 / 2011


A common paper bag that through graphics and folds turns into a sort of gadgets depicting a world that opens to eat what we put inside it: a gesture that recalls Milan Expo 2015 theme:feeding the planet. Different graphics for different social campaigns.


COMPACT DISH / Food design 6 / 2010


Compact Dish is a reducible (cd size) and disposable tasting kit made by a dish, a glass, cutlery, napkin and menu. The closed set works like a coaster and with a simple action it magically becomes a set table ready for tasting. The product is made of recycled and recyclable materials and it is very simple and economic to produce: the case, made of recycled paper, is a die board printed with soy inks; the dish is made of food paper, it must be pull away from case and trashed in dustbin; the plastic glass must be recycled separately and cutlery is made of Mater-Bi(r), a biodegradable plastic. Parts of the set (menu, cutlery…) or the set itself can become a souvenir of the event and kept by users.

food design 6

ANGIOLINA / Lavazza / 2009


This ceramic cup and its spoon were designed to represent an angel in any position. The product was made for a range of promotional items inspired by Heaven.
Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

TIMELESS GARDEN / protothype / 2009


We used recycled plastic and formed a modern looking pot in which you can plant flowers, grass or herbs.
The plants help to absorb CO2 from the air and produce oxygen. When metal and mud come in contact, they create a chemical reaction which becomes an instant power supply for the clock! The Timeless Garden, mud-clock concept creates a new kind of energy, without a need for electric power supply, or batteries.
Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

PX700W and PX80FW / Seiko Epson / 2008


New all-in-one printers for Epson. The design was born by a claim drawn from the study to summarize Epson passion for photography and images: picture lovers. The line that surrounds the printer recalls a wedding ring and it rapresents a symbol of a love that lasts.This look has become the official design of all new Epson home-office printers.
Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Epson Design Center Japan.


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