stories rather than items! / Ebay second hand contest /2014

Print AD and strategy for Ebay second hand.



Bags inspired by  new Fiat 500.

RICCIOL@ / Tucano Advanced design workshop / 2014

Iphone bracelet-stand / Iphone cover-stand / rolling wireless headphone based on slap band technology.

Fashion illustrations / 2014


AYO POS / Spetstorg’ / 2014

POS materials and tools  for AYO cookwares. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.


MILANO / protothype / 2013

Graphics for rugs.

AYO PACKAGING / Spetstorg’ / 2013

New packaging design for AYO cookwares: a friendly and bright wrapping paper to give products more visibility on supermarket shelf. Designed with Raffaele Mirarchi.

METRICA PACKAGING / greenwitch /2013

COHABIT / protothype / 2013

Wooden shelf for books and  e-readers.

METRICA / Greenwitch / 2013

a ruler-pen holder with two indices, cm and inches.  

MELAGUSTO / protothype / 2013

Melagusto is a simple wooden cone on which you can pierce an apple: a funny way to introduce children fruits.


Il buon packaging / comieco+iuav /2012

Book about paper recycled packaging written with Laura Badalucco. PDFdowload

HOT-SOFT STONES / Il Coccio / 2012

Ceramic humidifiers, essences diffusers and door stops inspired by pebbles.



Humidifier based on Nastro Azzurro beer bottle. Designed with Francesca Delvigo

FOGLIO / Castelli / 2012

A meeting table to take notes, to sketch and to express your ideas.

RMIRROR / RSens / 2012

Domestic Radon detector.

I COLONIALI / Atkinsons-Aiap / 2011

Packaging design for  the new line “I Coloniali Atkinsos”. Graphic design by Raffaele Mirarchi

NASTRO / Gedy / 2011

  Wall fitting bathroom set. Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

HUMIDIFIERS / Il Coccio / 2011

ceramic humidifiers.


Solar powered wristwatch based on kyosemi spheral solar cells


DOGGLE / United pets / 2011

Toy for pets.

ICEBERG / Gedy / 2010

Bathroom accessories set. designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli



FEEDING THE PLANET BAG / Comieco-Expo 2015 / 2011

paper bag that turns into a sort of gadgets depicting a world that opens to eat what we put inside it.

COMPACT DISH / Food design6 / 2010

A reducible (cd size) and disposable tasting kit made of paper.

ANGIOLINA / Lavazza / 2009

Ceramic cup inspired by Heaven. Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

TIMELESS GARDEN / protothype / 2009

Ecological mud-powered clock . Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli

PX700W and PX80FW / Seiko Epson / 2008

New all-in-one printers for Epson. Designed with Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Epson Design Center Japan.

DUMB BELL / Procter&Gamble / 2008

a simple but incisive shape to increase visibility on supermarket shelf. The empty bottle can be filled with water or sand and turned into a tool for fitness. Designed with Francesca Delvigo

FIOR DI GRANA / Food design 4 / 2007

A cheese pencil to sharpen on our dishes little pieces of Grana.

FRED&WILMA / Archimuse / 2004

Coffee table/tables presented during Salone del Mobile 2004.

MADELIO / Food design Guzzini / 2004

Precious pendant for italian precious oils and vinegards: a way to take always with you your favourite dressings. Designed with Gianni Pasini. Photos by Francesca Delvigo.